The project will emphasize the importance of protecting this area and preserving its biological and landscape diversity, as well as more intensive promotion and raising public awareness of the natural wealth of Đurđevac sands.

This area is important for the local economy, primarily tourism, because it has great potential to create an innovative and unique tourism product, which can easily be connected with other natural and cultural resources of this area and has its foundation in historical heritage.

The backbone of this project is the investment in the sustainable use of the Special Geographical-Botanical Reserve Đurđevački pijesci, with the aim of contributing to the sustainable socio-economic development of the city of Đurđevac, but also the entire Koprivnica-Križevci County. With the same goal, the project will include areas outside the protected area – Visitor Center in the town of Đurđevac and the forest Borik, which is located not far from the reserve – and whose activities will contribute to the interpretation and preservation of Đurđevac sands.

This project improves and creates the necessary facilities and infrastructure for the development of various types and specific forms of tourism – family, cycling, school, excursion, rural, cultural, green, event, health and the like, but in a sustainable way, and contributes to sustainable social economic development at the local and regional level.

Project activities include preparation of project-technical documentation necessary for start of project implementation, and preparation of Visitor Management Study with Action Plan, which currently does not exist for Special Geographical-Botanical Reserve Đurđevački pijesci, therefore the implementation of this activity will achieve significant benefits for future management. 

Furthermore, the existing buildings that have unused space inside will be reconstructed into new facilities of the Visitor Center and the Borik Nature School. The contents of these two facilities will be focused on the interpretation, promotion and education of the biological and landscape diversity of Đurđevac sands and raising public awareness of the importance of this area.

In addition to the catering area, the visitor center will have a souvenir shop and the office of the Tourist Board of the town of Đurđevac, it will contain a rich multimedia exhibition and interpretive space of high technological advancement, while the Borik Nature School will provide accommodation and education primarily for school groups. Among other visitor facilities, electric bicycles will be procured and bicycle charging stations will be set up, which will be an important part of the tourist offer of the city of Đurđevac as it will encourage visitors to visit all locations. Information and educational boards will be set up at all three locations, in order to inform and educate visitors, and significant emphasis will be placed on education and interpretation activities, especially of the local population, as well as promotion and visibility.

The special geographical-botanical reserve Đurđevački pijesci will renew and extend the educational-thematic trail and enrich it with additional facilities for visitors, such as insect hotels, bicycle stands and presentation areas. All three locations of the project activities will emphasize the importance of preserving biodiversity and geodiversity of this protected area and interpret its natural resources, which will significantly contribute to the educational capacity and tourist attractiveness of Đurđevac area and achieve sustainable use of natural heritage while contributing to sustainable socio-economic development on local and regional level.

Sustainable management and increasing the attractiveness of Đurđevac sands

User: City of Đurđevac
▪ Public institution for management of protected parts of nature in the area of KCKKŽ
▪ Podravina Local Action Group
▪ Đurđevac Tourist Board

Total project value: 17.319.657,97 kn
EU co-financing: 13.678.947,32 kn

Project implementation period:

1.9.2015. – 1.08.2021.