The Stari grad fortress is a unique medieval fortification and as such is the most important part of the cultural heritage of Đurđevac. Every year, in front of the Stari grad fortress, the Picokijada is held, the culmination of which is a stage presentation of the historical attack of the Turks on the Đurđevac fortress.

Interpretation center of Picokijada


The Picokijada Interpretation Center is located in the museum space where ethno heritage exhibits, interactive installations such as the presentation of the stage spectacle of the Legend of the Picoks and many other interesting things related to the Đurđevac area are waiting for you.

Fun facts

The fortress was once surrounded by a swamp, which was its natural form of protection and belongs to the fortress type Wasserburg. Construction began in the 14th century and was later upgraded over the centuries as needed. Additional protection was provided by the ramparts, creating an outer courtyard, the remains of which are still visible today.

Fun facts

The fort was of great importance in the middle of the 16th century at the time of the Ottoman invasion.

Fun facts

The legend speaks of the long siege of the strong Ottoman army of Ulama-beg and his intention to force the people of Đurđevac, imprisoned in the Old Town, to surrender to starvation.

Fun facts

Legend has it that the defenders of Đurđevac outwitted him, because on the advice of an old woman, they fired a cannon into the Turkish camp with the last remnant of food, a rooster – a piccolo. The illusion of abundance, in which food is scattered, was settled by Ulama-beg, he left Đurđevac, and left the name of Picok to the people of Đurđevac to this day (as his curse).

Đurđevac city museum

In the Đurđevac city museum located in the Stari grad Fortress, art, ethnographic, documentary and other types of exhibitions are held with a permanent exhibition.

Museum working hours

Mon – Fri: 8 – 16 h
Sat – Sun: 10 – 16 h

Or by appointment.

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Restaurant and Pub

The restaurant and pub Stari grad were officially opened in April 2016. The restaurant has enriched the enogastronomic offer of Đurđevac and surrounding area. The dishes prepared in the restaurant are homemade and are part of the tradition of Podravina.

Restaurant working hours

Sun – Thu: 8 – 22 h

Fri – Sat: 8 – 23 h


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